SANS Technical Fibers, LLC

SANS Technical Fibers LLC has a state of the art manufacturing facility in Stoneville, North Carolina.  A broad range of specialty nylon 6.6 light denier industrial and heavy denier air-jet textured yarns for high specification end uses are produced.

Although SANS serves the world, it focuses on building a relationship with each individual customer. Each market is individually researched and serviced to ensure that customers receive the product range specifically tailored to suit requirements. World class customer service means quick response with highly trained experts on hand to answer questions, meet requests and resolve issues.


Our team of technical experts hold an in-depth knowledge of our customers and our own technological operations. They are specially trained to offer clients uncompromising support, technical advice and fast on-site response to any queries. Our cutting edge Research and Development capability provides proactive service to customers through developing new, more technologically capable products for customers in both existing and new markets.



SANS Technical Fibers is a wholly owned subsidiary of AECI Limited –